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3 Reasons To Hire A Corporate Attorney

by Jayden Graham

A corporate attorney is a very versatile lawyer who can handle a wide variety of different tasks, especially for those individuals that run a company, or are thinking of starting a business. These types of attorneys can help you start a business, write up contracts, and perform research.

Start A Business

Starting a business can be quite complicated, mostly because there are quite a few regulations governing the process. One way that a corporate lawyer can help you start a business is by making sure that your company has an appropriate name. Since many common business names are already taken, your attorney can look up any names that you are considering using to make sure that it is not already in use.

In addition, the lawyer will ensure that the name that you want to use is not too similar to another one that is already in use. By doing this before you start your business, you can avoid any potentially messy lawsuits in the future. 

Write Up Contracts

While it would be nice if you could trust everyone in the business world to abide by his or her word, it is not very realistic. It is not uncommon for someone to make an oral contract with someone, then claim that it never happened to avoid having to follow through on his or her end of it. These situations often end up with you losing money, or having to spend quite a bit of time in court to get what you are owed. 

However, a corporate attorney can help you avoid these issues by making sure that all of your agreements are accompanied by a written contract. A written contract makes it a bit less likely that someone will attempt to renege on the agreement, and it will make it easier to win in court if you have to sue the person for breaking the agreement.

Researching Property

Finally, a corporate lawyer can help you out when it comes to buying commercial real estate. For example, your lawyer can research any property that you are considering buying before you actually make an offer on it. This will let you know ahead of time if there are any legal issues with the property, or if there are any unpaid taxes on the property that you would have to pay when buying the property.

Speak to a corporate attorney today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can assist you with your business. By researching any commercial real estate before you buy it, providing written contracts, and helping you start your business, an attorney can help you avoid complicated legal issues. To learn more, contact a professional like Strauss Troy.