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Protecting The Intellectual Property On Your Blog

by Jayden Graham

Many people begin blogging as a way to document their hobbies and activities. For some people, blogging can turn into a lucrative business, eventually replacing the income from a full-time job. If you rely on your blog to generate income, it's important that you take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual information.

Here are three things that you should be protecting on your blog in the future.

1. Images that you have created to accompany blog posts.

Your blog readers likely enjoy seeing a visual image depicting some of the information that you publish in each blog post. These images can be difficult to capture, and you will want to ensure that another blogger isn't using your images on his or her blog and passing them off as their own.

In order to ensure that your images are legally protected, you might want to consider meeting with an attorney to discuss copyrighting. Doing some simple things like crediting yourself for each photograph and licensing your images for purchase can help you protect your intellectual property.

2. Podcasts that you have created to publish on your blog.

If you have posted podcasts on your blog for your readers to listen to and enjoy, you will want to take the steps necessary to protect these podcasts from being used by another blogger without your permission. Working with an attorney who has experience with online intellectual property protection will help you copyright your podcast.

A lot of work goes into the creation of a podcast, so ensure that you are protecting this type of intellectual property whenever you post a podcast to your blog in the future.

3. Your blog's name.

For a blogger, the name of his or her blog often serves as that individual's brand. As you gather readers over time, you build brand equity. The more valuable your brand becomes, the more likely it is for another blogger to try and steal some of your popularity by using your blog name without your permission.

Having an experienced intellectual property attorney help you file for a trademark to protect your blog's brand can be beneficial when it comes to protecting your online assets.

Understanding the many types of intellectual property that you publish on your blog each day will help you see why the help of an experienced patent or copyright attorney can be beneficial in protecting your blog's images, content, and brand from theft in the future.