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3 Good Reasons To Step Up As A Whistleblower As A Healthcare Employee

by Jayden Graham

You love your job, and you love what you do, but you have realized recently that there are some shady practices taking place in the practice. Maybe a physician is accepting bribes from a pharmaceutical company for getting new patients. Perhaps there are some charges being sent through for federal insurance payments that are questionable. In any case, no matter how hard it may be, it is best to step up as a whistleblower. While it may be easier to step aside, keep your head down, and pretend nothing is wrong, there are some really good reasons to speak up about bad practices in a healthcare setting. 

Fraudulent activities affect the entire population. 

It may seem like no big deal if someone high up in your healthcare employment place is doing something not-so-honest. However, this kind of behavior affects a lot of people. For instance, if a doctor starts diagnosing more people with depression because they want to write a prescription that a rep is bribing them to write, it makes it look like depression is an issue that is far worse in your area than what it actually is. This kind of skewed data can affect what healthcare programs are available, what kind of funding a community gets for healthcare endeavors, and more. 

Shady practices can make you look bad by affiliation. 

If you are affiliated with a healthcare provider that is taking part in poor practices, eventually, the poor practices will likely be brought to attention. Unfortunately, if you have been employed at the facility and that particular healthcare facility goes down, it can make you look guilty by association. Not that you will be prosecuted if you were not involved, but as an employee, this kind of thing can leave an ugly mark on your professional reputation. 

Financial compensation may be available. 

Most people have no idea that the federal government actually rewards whistleblowers when they bring certain fraudulent or illegal practices to their attention that is costing them money. The False Claims Act, which is a law that states people can be held liable if they act in fraud against the government, also makes it possible for those who blow the whistle to get a portion of the recouped money. This compensation is specifically in place because it encourages those who know something is going on to speak up. To date, those whistleblowers who have filed False Claims Act claims have been paid at least $7 billion in rewards. 

For more information, contact a whistleblower protection attorney.