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4 Steps To Take If You're Being Sexually Harassed At Work

by Jayden Graham

Are you in a situation where you are being sexually harassed by a coworker, and you're not quite sure what to do? If so, you'll want to follow these steps to make sure that you're handling it the right way. 

Tell The Person Their Actions Are Unacceptable

One common problem with workplace sexual harassment is that people do not realize that they are doing it. What might come off to them as being fun or playful can actually be hurtful to another person. That's why the first step should be to tell the person that offended you to stop what they are doing immediately. Be clear with your words so that they cannot be misinterpreted, since the person needs to know that they are sexually harassing you.

Document The Interactions 

It's important that you document any interactions that you would consider sexual harassment. You'll want to note when and where it happened, what was done, and if there were any witnesses. If you have any other evidence, such as a text message or email, take a screenshot of it for your records. 

Report The Person To Human Resources

You'll need to notify your human resource (HR) department about the inappropriate behavior you have been experiencing from your coworker. This is important to document your interactions with your employer, and so that your employer can take the next step. They are going to be required to address the situation with the coworker by speaking with them directly and taking appropriate action against them according to state laws. 

However, some people do not feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment to someone at their job. This is because it may be a small business and they are afraid of retaliation, or the person harassing them is in charge of human resources. In this instance, you'll want to find the organization in your state that you can file the complaint with, and they'll take further action with your employer.

Consider Hiring A Lawyer

Know that it is always possible to reach out to a lawyer for assistance with a sexual harassment lawsuit. They'll meet with you for a consultation where they'll listen to your story, see the evidence that you collected, and let you know what legal action you can take. It's very possible that you could sue your employer for not taking action against the person that sexually harassed you, or for retaliating against you for making a complaint. 

Contact a local sexual harassment attorney to learn more.